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A warm welcome to this website created to facilitate volunteer support to the community of monks and nuns living at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery.


This website is one of the expressions of activities launched in January 2012 by the founding members of the Lotus Volunteer Group (LVG) in support of Amaravati’s monastic Sangha. Other activities include:

The monastic Sangha are able to live as mendicants because lay people respect their training and are prepared to help to support them. This gives rise to a sense of mutual respect and co-operation in which both lay person and samana are called upon to practise their particular lifestyles and responsibilities with sensitivity and sincerity.


The primary aims of the Lotus Volunteer Group therefore are threefold:

  • to establish and communicate the range of opportunities that exist for supporting the community at Amaravati

  • to identify suitable and willing Volunteer support as and where possible

  • to enable the fulfilment of the many opportunities that exist

Our Mission

The LVG will not be involving themselves with any pre-existing volunteer arrangements that currently exist unless are specifically asked to do so.



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  • providing a team of mentors to create a bridge between the needs of the Sangha and the willingness of the lay community to offer volunteering support.

  • helping to match volunteers with a host of opportunities covering a wide range of skills and interests ... from proof reading to gardening, driving to DIY, cooking to website building and much more.

  • updating the Lotus Volunteer Group Facebook page and the noticeboard in the Sala lobby at Amaravati with current opportunities and LVG contact details.

  • Drivers

  • Gardening

  • Proof Reading

  • Audio Editing

  • Translations